Program of the Workshop

EU Russian-speakers: Experience of Cooperation
with Municipal Institutions

Narva (Republic of Estonia)
October 7–8, 2005

Friday, October 7

05.45–13.05 Arrival of the major part of participants at the Tallinn International Airport
11.00–13.00 Press conference of the Workshop organizers for Tallinn based media's journalists - Hall "Epsilon" at the hotel "Reval Hotel Olümpia" (Tallinn, Liivalaia 33)
13.00 Leaving by coach for Narva
16.00–16.40 Meeting with representatives of Russian-speakers NGOs of the Estonian North-East – the hall of Narva Orthodox school (Narva, Grafova av.4)
17.00–20.00 First Plenary Session
Political Experience of Russian-speakers' Parties at Municipal Level During the Last 15 Years ((Narva Orthodox school, Narva, Grafova av.4; chair – Mr. Pierre Cheremeteff)
 1. Opening Address by MEP Ms.Tatjana Zdanoka – President of the EU Russian-speakers Party Federation
2. Mr. Genadi Afanassjev: "Russian Estonians in the Municipal Politics of Tallinn and Ida-Virumaa"
3. Mr. Miroslav Mitrofanov: "The Dynamics and General Trends in Participation of Latvian Russian-speakers in Municipal Elections"
4. Mr. Sergej Dmitrijev: "Municipal Agenda of the Party Union of Russian Lithuanians"
5. Discursion of the reports
20.10–20.45 Accommodation at the hotel "Narva" (Narva, Puskini 6)
21.00–23.00 Dinner at the restaurant "Belograd" (Narva, Energia 2A)

Saturday, October 8

8.00–8.50 Breakfast at the hotel "Narva" (Narva, Puskini 6)
9.00–10.40 Visiting the Resurrection Cathedral (Narva, Bastrakovi 4)
10.40–11.50 Taking part in the opening the Memorial board dedicated to the Sheremetev's guard (the 300th anniversary of Narva battle)
12.00–12.45 Lunch in the representation hall of Narva Resurrection Cathedral (Narva, Bastrakovi 4)
12.45–13.20 Excursion
13.30-14.20 Press conference of the Workshop participants for Idu-Virumaa journalists (Hotel "Narva", Narva, Puskini 6)
14.30–15.50 Lunch in the hotel's "Narva" restaurant (Narva, Puskini 6)
16.00–19.30 Second Plenary Session
The Experience of Russian-speakers NGOs in Implementing Municipal Integration Projects (Narva Orthodox school, Narva, Grafova av.4; chair - Mr. Genadi Afanassjev)
 1. Mr. Vladimir Bobkov: "Structural Shaping of Russian-speakers Community of Britain – the Experience of Cooperation with Local Authorities"
2. Ms. Elena Toukchoumskaia: "Cooperation of NGO UNITA with the Administration of the Autonomous Region Friuli-Venezia-Giulia"
3. Mr. Igor Khashin: "The Project Activity of Russian-speakers NGO in the Field of Immigrant Integration in Portugal"
4. Ms. Natalija Lieknins and Ms. Olga Kontogeorgis: "Russian-speakers NGO in Denmark – Challenges in Fundraising and Project Activities"
5. Discursion and adoption of the workshop final document
19.45–20.45 The discursion on planning of the next workshop (Narva Orthodox school, Narva, Grafova av.4)
21.00–23.00 Dinner in the hotel's "Narva" restaurant (Narva, Puskini 6)